PickUp was my first self-published app on the Play Store. It uses the services of Firebase, Google Maps, and Google Places API to create a location based app for finding and playing pick-up basketball games. Here’s a snippet from its page on the Play Store:

PickUp is a social platform for pick-up basketball. Everyone loves basketball. All you need to play is a ball, court, and players. While you’ll need to buy your own ball, we can help you find courts and players near you so that you can stop shooting around and start playing games.

I learned a lot about Android development while working on PickUp and even started work as a full-time Android developer just 5 months after it was published. If I was to make PickUp again there’s a lot of things I would do differently. Even so, I’m very proud of the overall design of the app, as well as the overly ambitious scope that I took on for my first Android app.

To see more, check out PickUp on the Play Store.